Welcome Home

Canterbury Presbyterian Church is a vibrant, growing church blessed with a cross cultural congregation including a large community of Korean and Japanese people. The church has a foundation of sincere worship and strong biblical teaching.

cpc_congregation web

Outside Canterbury Presbyterian Church


6 thoughts on “Welcome Home

    1. Hi,

      The service goes for about 1.5 – 2 hours. Normally morning service finishes at 12. Then we have morning tea and mostly lunch. Evening service finishes about 6-7pm but sometimes has a bring and share dinner. Can contact Rev Grant Lawry (9836 4601) or Paul Jang (0426 816 982) for more info


  1. Hello. We are members with Wycliffe Bible translators and have been asked by (we think) PMWU section of your church to soon come and speak to share our work. We don’t know time or details but believe we were asked to speak on 31st of March? Would someone mind following this up and emailing me.


  2. Hello Grant,wondering if you could keep in touch with me sending prayer points on your church there by email or my Facebook page?Be a good thing to have a short note on out come of your sermons each week.I find reading it takes to long.Hope to hear from you.Keven and Lilly are now my Facebook friends.God Bless.


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